Macro Photography and Studio on the Table

Macro Photography is an arena where the importance of selection of photo accessories is immense. In many cases the table is the studio for Macro Photography. Previously we published two important articles on Macro Photography. The first one is a basic article on Macro Photography and second one is some tips on Macro Photography.


Basics on Macro Photography and Studio on the Table


Only at high magnification the world of insects reveals itself to us. First, a dedicated macro lens is needed – it allows a smaller distance to the subject and thus a larger image becomes obvious due to optical magnification. Macro Lens starts at 100 millimeters. Almost all camera manufacturers have specs in their portfolio. Even more you will get with a 180-mm macro – the Tamron is a relatively cheaper.

We wrote about Light box before and in the article, there is link to create your own Lightbox. Macro lenses are usually limited to the 1:1 scale magnification. 1:2 demands either higher setup or the object to be bigger.


Macro Photography and Studio on the Table



Like we said in the article on Light box before, you need to create the Macro setup with the camera accessories like that said tips on Macro Photography. The ultimate target is to create an diffuse lighting situation like that of portrait setup. Basically in case of Macro Photography, you need to either build it yourself to some extent or buy some more accessories for the mini-studio. The requirement of this table-top setup is first for practice.

Inanimate objects are good to start up with. Later when you will get used with; you can arrange your setup for taking macro photograph at your home garden. One of the biggest problems in macro photography is the smaller aperture required as a counter strategy. Correspondingly less light enters through the lens plus so closeness creates a shadow itself. So for many pictures additional light source is required. For macro photography ring flashes are well known.  They are attached to the front of lens.


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