Which PaaS is Better Option : Heroku or AppFog or OpenShift ?

Which PaaS is Better Option is often asked by the new users and clearly the options revolves around Heroku Cloud, AppFog and OpenShift. Here is our opinion. If your usage is for development or experiment or the website or application is very small; that is, you remain within the free tier; there is not much to think, you can user any one of them which you like. But the question becomes serious in case you want to go the paid tier.


Which PaaS is Better Option : Follow Our Guides and Experiment


Which PaaS is Better Option can to some extent answered by you, the user. We have many text guides, video guides on Heroku Cloud, AppFog and OpenShift; just search with the name of the provider in our website’s search box to get a kind of list. Only reading them might give you some idea as well, if you have not used that PaaS.

Those who are not able to understand the importance, why people asked us the question; Which PaaS is Better Option – must need to read our previous article named Platform as a Service (PaaS) as an Alternative to More Costly IaaS. If you do not have to pay anything or pay less for a very small website of you, why you will not think of PaaS.


Which PaaS is Better Option : Heroku or AppFog or OpenShift ?


For enterprise grade need, paid OpenShift is possibly the best option. Red Hat historically has quite good support for their kind-of partial Open Source oftwares and obviously for OpenShift; the probability of getting help is more. Unless within the free quota, OpenShift can be expensive.

Second is AppFog. AppFog is better for the users who has some idea about coding and programing. Clearly know, the backend is difficult to manage, demands minimum knowledge of Ruby. From the feedback, questions and developers’ quality, to me; WordPress users mostly weak. So, a good amount of reading and practicing is important. It is quite good from all aspects. However, we could not explore all the features as they are paid.

Which PaaS is Better Option - Heroku or AppFog or OpenShift


Third is Heroku Cloud. Heroku is easier even to manage from command line because of Toolbelt. Almost all needed packages has a free tier of usage. Everything of Heroku is fine to me except the fact that, it has a history of going down due to failure of Amazon.


So, both AppFog and Heroku Cloud PaaS should be considered by you. There are points where AppFog is better; any developer will understand and can select according to need. But AppFog provides a Web Control Panel like thing; that basically makes the control easy by a newbie.

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