Twitter Like Profile Website Design

Twitter like profile website design – that means a personal website of you that will look like your Twitter profile is not very difficult to create. As you know, Twitter Design is basically open source and available as Bootstrap. But actually it does not have the exact thing like your Twitter profile. By the phrase “Twitter Like Profile Website Design” we want to mean – a profile webpage exactly like your Twitter Profile. That is what is asked by a visitor to us.


Twitter Like Profile Website Design : Understanding Legal Thing


Do not create anything that directly violates Twitter’s policies, copyright etc. If you create a design of others that resembles Twitter public profile, that is basically a type of cheating. You can use the layout for you only and never use any Logo, Favicon etcetera of Twitter.


 Twitter Like Profile Website Design : Cheat Sheet


The thing is done in Twitter in a way so that, when you view the HTML page source of your own profile, it shows the proper div elements, only when logged in. In other words, you basically can not copy others’ profile and paste in that way – it will break. This is for security. Obviously you can check your HTML page source. It is very important at this point to read our previous article on how to embed Twitter card. In our opinion, if that Twitter card embedding plus Tweaking the CSS can give you some what closer to your imagined Twitter Like Profile Website Design, that is great. There are actually lot of types or variation of cards, you will get on validation page :



The image of the options are here as all might not want to allow the app of Twitter :


Twitter Like Profile Website Design

I am quite aware that basically you want a kind of way of cheating – inside that request that was ‘indicated’. So this is a partial copy paste of my Twitter profile :


Basically the div names are same like Twitter Bootstrap :

Basically you need to save the whole HTML source as .html file. If you open it, it will nicely open as calls are to Twitter while you are logged in ! Strip out all external resources and use the in-line CSS plus Bootstrap plus Twitter card to get your own Twitter like profile website design.
You must not use this trick for commercial purpose because the UI of profile is not open source.

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