Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform

Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform can be setup without paying for the dedicated hardware. Here is the detailed ways of the possible solution. We wrote about the theoretical aspects of Streaming Media, CDN and Cloud Computing and this another example of application. This article on Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform is specific for iTunes, although other methods (some of them previously discussed) will be discussed too.


Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform : The Basics


There are dedicated hardwares available to build your own Steaming iTunes Music Server. However, they are not any cost effective solution at all.

If you do not need a iTunes specific Streaming server; you can follow our other guides :



Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform : The Basics


The software you will need is – FreeNAS. This is a bootable small Linux Based Operating System for the purpose. The interface looks like this :
Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform

There is quite good descriptive text on the official website :

So, basically either you can dual boot or run a virtualization software for Steaming iTunes Music from this Operating System. But that is actually not what we want to tell you. That is quite easy.

What you will do is quite easy but needs a bit plan to organize your way of thought. There are Rackspace Cloud Server, HP Cloud Server like IaaS. You can spin up a server with needed RAM or even you can make them more elastic by adding more servers. But probably it is very painful to work without a GUI on a remote server.

That is where our versatile detailed guide to setup Ubuntu with GUI on Rackspace Cloud Server as VNC Remote Desktop works great. You can install any OS from their boot image. But we do not have FreeNAS as a disk image. To solve that part simply run virtualization over virtualization to run FreeNAS.

Now you have really got a Steaming iTunes Music Server on Cloud Platform. You need not bother about hardware part or your Internet usage bill.

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