Why AdSense CPC is Low ?

Why AdSense CPC is Low is probably one of the most asked question around AdSense. It is same like why my employer pays low, why people do not buy from my shop. What we point towards you are – Why you think you should get a higher CPC and How much you must work on which aspects to make your AdSence CPC higher ?


Why AdSense CPC is Low : You are responsible for low CPC


The basic understanding before asking the question – Why AdSense CPC is Low, must be thought from Google’s aspect. If you get $2000.00 per month, Google AdSense will have quite good share too. So obviously Google AdSense will want to you to help you to get more money ! Yes, Google does it. But as it is a honest business (Google AdWords – Google AdSense chain), they directly can not say everything. But the amount of hints they provide plus the hints the good earners give, is more than enough and will definitely get you to answer the question – Why AdSense CPC is Low, yourself.


Why AdSense CPC is Low : Read our Old Articles


Who pays through the Ads ? The small Advertisers like me who is a human, the bigger brands like Microsoft and Google itself. Who will not take the opportunity to exploit low CPC to get customers from any website ? The whole mechanism of bidding is automated though.


So, there is definite importance to know why we get low CPC, High CPC Keywords ; side by side, it is important to understand, as the advertiser, how we optimize our AdWords Ads. Google directly can not say many things, they are implied.

Why My AdSense CPC is Low, is a complaining question like a child – why that teacher ‘gives’ that student very high marks. Nothing works without hard work, its not gambling. Even in Gambling, there are many things they consider, study; actually its more hard because the theories of random numbers arrives.


Why AdSense CPC is Low : Work Hard and Understand the points


Why AdSense CPC is Low


We are listing the probable facts we assumed. Do not ask our CPC or income, we will never disclose. If you have too much itching, target with Adwords ads and calculate !


  • The useful content is the king.
  • Most businessmen and women likes good competitive blogs, higher ranking websites are likely to get high CPC
  • Understand AdWords – this is the only way to know the system
  • Number of pageviews does matters after a certain level for high niche websites
  • Focus on Niche
  • Optimize your Niche (on your website)
  • Invest on improvement of your website
  • Never block any Ad – all are competitors and only the highest paying, highly relevant Ad will show up. Google historically has a tendency to mislead the average peoples. Its expected.
  • If you want to test low CPC, use Adbrite like ads; you will understand what is low CPC is.
  • Set the target of monthly income, divide it by number of days; then target accordingly
  • Page Rank has some value, but possibly SERP matters more
  • Never use Ad Units on another relatively lower keyword value website of you, it makes the calculation to go wrong
  • Try to optimize and highlight one or two domains. It is difficult to manage 30 websites than one.
  • Use all the possible tools supplied by Google
  • YouTube earnings are never reliable, there are reasons why from an advertisers point of view
  • CPC varies depending on the month, at year ending there can be drastic fall due to less investment by the advertisers


Google does monitor your all activities. So, how much you are working; it is difficult to hide. To earn a million, you have to work hard, you need to have a brain of a millionaire. I do not have a brain like a millionaire, I do not expect to earn so high; whatever the website is.


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