Optimizing AdWords Ads : Master Guide

Optimizing AdWords Ads needs good grasp of logical models which Google actually uses. The way we will show you, will reduce your cost to 35% with good ROI. It is matter of fact, the people usually manages AdWords as Experts, never can compete intellectually with the people who has developed the model. Model means – Multi Agent System (MAS) not the business model. As a business owner, your work is to use these AdWords Experts, SEO experts like puppets to reduce your workload. What the SEO or AdWords Experts do is fully based on learning through trial and error methods and reading documentations. For AdWords, however there are Google Provided ways to somewhat control the system, for this reason Optimizing AdWords Ads is far more easier than any other things and we highly recommend not to use any third Party for Optimizing AdWords Ads for a small to medium business. Because there are two risks – first they will never think of cost reduction or ROI like you will do for your business and secondly, they can sell the data to a third party, basically no one goes with a proper legal non disclosure agreement.


Optimizing AdWords Ads : What You Need to Know and What You Need Not to Know


You need to know few important things for Optimizing AdWords Ads:


  • Multi Agent System (MAS) and Robotics :  This is the real mechanism behind how all bots of Google Works. They add new rules, new criteria, new exceptions, the vague terminology Algorithm is used in case Google Web Search. Be it Optimizing AdWords Ads or SEO this basic model important to understand.
  • Second is the landing page, where you are targeting the Ad. On page SEO is very important factor and Google officially distributes pdf for optimizing it. We already said why using AdWords increases SERP – it is basically officially accepted.Optimizing AdWords Ads is also important for this reason.
  • Third is the knowledge on Google AdSense Robots and Google AdWords Robots.
  • Fifth is the continuous usage of AdWords – if you can reduce your cost by 35%, automatically you will be able to run Ads continuously. This 35% is based on observation on normal non optimized Ads, you can also run an A/B test to get the result.
  • Sixth is knowing the factors behind Who Clicks the Ads.
  • Seventh is an assumption – AdWords bot will not abide any robots.txt file.


Optimizing AdWords Ads : Master Guide


For Practical purpose, take this non existing webpage :



Now if you you create a campaign, add ad groups, keywords etc. After a period of running, you will get the scores :


Optimizing AdWords Ads


As a fair business policy, with higher scores, your charge will be lower because of good content. There is quite complex reason behind it. First allow all relevant keywords. After running for a week or so, just like the screenshot, hover to know the scores. Pause and delete all the low score keywords. Basic rules for Optimizing AdWords Ads are :


  • Disallowing low score keywords
  • Finding the reason behind the low score
  • Running the Ads only when the conversion rate is higher
  • Calculating the ROI
  • Adding custom rules
  • Using Ad texts which are normal to read, as if a part of the search result (for search Ads)
  • Integrating Google Plus, Local, Maps, Phone number (if relevant) etc.


If you read the linked articles plus read the official docs, you are in the way for Optimizing AdWords Ads. Keep in mind, it is a continuous process. Fortunately for the AdSense Publishers, no bigger brands basically follow all the rules, because they use third parties. Otherwise, the revenue would decrease by ~38% ; as they have bigger fund, they target all possible keywords related to their products !




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