Why Use Google Adwords : Truth and Myths

Why Use Google Adwords ? The simple answer is, for any return you need to invest. How you will invest, what is the expected ROI these should be calculated too. We actually have a good amount guides and articles on Adwords too. On one such article, one visitor asked few days ago, why we are giving more importance to Google AdWords now over SEO itself. The first thing is that, AdWords is a sure shot service with a proper SLA, but SEO can not have any SLA. We invest 3-4 times more on AdWords than in SEO and today, that is the rule for any online business. When we are saying “that is the rule” the question again bounces back – Why Use Google Adwords ?


Why Use Google Adwords : To Make Google Happy ?


Not actually, the answer to the question Why Use Google Adwords is not actually that old bad business trick. basically there is very limited number of Online Advertisement companies where we can start with so low budget. According to our tests, LinkedIn Ads gives great result for the targeted segment. But, the cost is unimaginably high. Second thing is that, apart from search; we know Google’s characteristics very well; support of AdWords is very good, possibly can be ranked just after Rackspace’s well marketed excellent support among any online service provider. Yes, it is not a myth that, using AdWords for long increases SERP. Basically we are opting for a paid crawl. Obviously the suppressing results which came above you, just because of backlinks; today is getting affected. We are saying about true SERP, not the position of the Ads. It takes time, but its true and officially accepted in one infrograph. Obviously, your quality needs to have been better than the URL above you. Quality means the aspects we judge for Online world, practically defined by Google itself in most part.


Why Use Google Adwords : In More Depth


In an properly targeted blog, the ROI will be 130% from AdSense. That means a 30% gain for investing in AdWords. How it actually happens ? First thing is, who are clicking Ads on somewhere to get in to your website (that is actually your AdWords Ad), might have a higher tendency to click Ads. When that human is landing to your website, there is more chance of getting clicks on AdSense units. Secondly, there is a kind of automated bidding, that gets increased due to your bidding. And the importance of professional, who is well versed with Economics starts here.


Why Use Google Adwords

The screenshot has been explained in our article – Master Guide for Optimizing AdWords Ads.
Here are some numbers which are important to know the importance of a keyword campaign :


  • 30% of visits to a website listed on Google are from the sponsored links or rather our known name Adwords.
  • 70% come from the SEO, but among them 10% to 15% ends up by landing to a wrong page or with a 404 error page.


It must therefore be concluded that campaigns are complementary to SEO and should therefore use these two tools must be utilized. By cons, unlike SEO, Google Adwords is an advertising medium where you have the total control over the text to be displayed, the page on which readers are landing, more ways of measurements in properly defined equations.

Yes, Google returns money for the fraudulent clicks. We possibly get nearly one thousand dollars back per annum on average for click frauds. Also on AdSense we see the bad and sad part. Its a matter of business. All of us have to live.



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