Cloud Services – List of different Cloud Services

Cloud Services are provided by different service providers. SaaS, PaaS are some levels of Cloud Computing. Here is a list of some commonly used Cloud Services.


What are the Cloud Services?


Cloud Services computing uses computing power, data storage or applications of a local data center, which stands across a grid of a large number of users on subscription basis. This type of cloud is called a public cloud.

Cloud Computing as a company’s infrastructure is still at an early stage but is growing steadily. This is especially true for the market of small and medium sized businesses. Gradually, more and more Cloud Services will be available at more affordable cost.


List Cloud Services and Levels of Cloud


Google Cloud Services : Previously we wrote about all the Free and Paid Cloud Apps provided by Google. These includes Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Docs,Paid Google Cloud Computing Services, Google Apps + Postini, Google Cloud Connect, Chromebooks.


Some levels and Cloud Services :


Cloud Services - List of different Cloud Services

Cloud Computing CaaS : Cloud Computing CaaS or Communication as a Service offers advantages over conventional telephony that perfectly in conjunction with other cloud services.

Cloud Computing on the Desktop (DaaS) : The term Cloud Computing is in a kind of hype at this moment in IT. At first this architecture can be decomposed into several components, all agreed in principle on a network, including communicating with web services using Cloud Computing. Often, however, only use the two main components: the frontend and backend.

Everything as a Service (XaaS or EaaS) : Everything as a Service (XaaS or EaaS) does exist in the field of Cloud Computing. In Simple subdomain of WikiPedia, they have said : ?A number of vendors including Google, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard have been associated with the ?everything as a service? trend?.

Infrastructure as a Service : Some information is available on Cloud Computing IaaS.

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