Ant Colony Optimization and Artificial Intelligence

Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) are algorithms inspired by the behavior of ants and defined mathematically, simulated and applied for combinatorial optimization. We mentioned about Ant Colony Optimization in DNA Computing and Modeling of Neurons, Artificial Immune System (AIS) and in the article on Mind, Theory of Mind and Computing.


Basics of Ant Colony Optimization


Ant Colony Optimization was initially proposed by Marco Dorigo et al. during 1990s, for the search for optimal paths in a graphical format, first the algorithm was inspired by the behavior of ants seeking a path between their colony and a source of food. The original idea has been diversified to solve a wider class of problems and several algorithms has been emerged, drawing on various aspects of the behavior of ants.


The model of Ant Colony Optimization is :


Ant Colony Optimization and Artificial Intelligence


  1. Ant runs more or less at random environment around the colony.
  2. If it discovers a source of food, it returns more or less directly to the ‘home’, leaving a trail of pheromones, a kind of hormones that can be traced by them.
  3. These pheromones are attractive, nearby ants passing will tend to follow the track.
  4. Returning to the ‘home’, these ants will strengthen the path.
  5. If two paths are possible to reach the same source of food, they will take the shortest track.
  6. The short track will be increasingly enhanced.
  7. The longer track will eventually will disappear as pheromones are volatile.
  8. Eventually all the ants will take the shortest track.


Ant Colony Optimization and Artificial Intelligence


Ant Colony Optimization can be used in Artificial intelligence for network load balancing, for example an article submitted by Lawrence Botley :



You can read the original article here on Artificial intelligence network load balancing using Ant Colony Optimization. Ant Colony Optimization has been applied to solve complex structure analysis like quadratic assignment to the folds of protein molecules. The basic algorithm of Ant Colony Optimization has been adapted to solve dynamic problems.


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