SoundCloud From Command Line Interface

SoundCloud can be accessed from Command Line Interface without loading the GUI on browser using an excellent client named soundcloud2000. Here is the how tos. Every advanced user loves CLI over GUI. Indeed, we have demonstrated many Command Line usages which are less known or even not known – Facebook from CLI, Twitter from CLI, Google Search from CLI, full CLI based web browsing. Yes technically the last one – full CLI based web browsing can do the work too, but SoundCloud is towards an web application rather than a website.


SoundCloud From Command Line Interface : Prerequisites


OSX and Linux will work. Not sure whether it works with Windows with Cygwin. That old guide for practical setup for OS X newbies Fixing UNIX Commands After OSX 10.8 Updates will obviously work on latest version of OS X too – this is minimum setup for any advanced user. Apart from these common setup, you will need portaudio and mpg123 to be installed :

Installing the client software now :


SoundCloud From Command Line Interface : Usages


So, everything is ready to go. Just typing this command will call the client from CLI :


To stream SoundCloud tracks in your terminal use Enter/Return key
To scroll through sound lists use down / up keys
To play / pause use the space bar
To forward / rewind use right / left keys
To play tracks of different users use u key

Here is the Github resource, ofcourse you should fork, fav the repository and share this small guide to give thanks to the original developers :

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