Cloud Computing Articles : Compilation of Important Articles

Cloud Computing articles compiles 750+ articles we have published so far up to date separating them in sub categories which can be helpful to any level of user. We have tried to provide an update in the form of a single article in a kind of sub-categorization, so that it itself becomes an one stop article which can be used as a kind of reference. We have a custom human readable sitemap, which can be a good place for getting all the articles listed and classified based on category. This Cloud Computing Articles has picked some of them, mostly the important ones.


Cloud Computing Articles : Taxonomy


We had to divide these 767 cloud computing articles in to a human usable way, in a meaningful way; so that everyone finds it to be useful. It is not possible to browse 70 archival pages to find a thing which Google Site Search might fail to find. So we primarily thought to divide it in an usability based division. As most of these Cloud Computing Articles are evergreen, the burden of updating them is less for us. The list will updated as it is impossible to categorize in one day. Obviously, compiling 767 articles does not mean that all will be present here, approximately 25% will be eliminated.


Cloud Computing Articles on General Topics


  1. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS : what are these terms?
  2. What is Cloud Computing,Trends and precautions
  3. Private Cloud Solutions at a glance
  4. Hardware requirement of Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  5. Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 comparison (2011)
  6. Cloud CDN technology
  7. Standards and Guidelines from NIST with Free e-book
  8. Private cloud in the business
  9. Cloud Computing IaaS
  10. Cloud Computing PaaS and SaaS
  11. Are the users becoming more dependent on Cloud Computing ?
  12. How Cloud Computing is opening the opportunities at a lesser cost
  13. Everything as a Service (XaaS or EaaS)
  14. Cloud Computing and Tools as a Service,Testing as a Service (TaaS)
  15. Unsolved Problems of Cloud Storage (2011)


Cloud Computing Articles


Articles on Cloud Hosting


  1. Cloud Hosting for WordPress Blog
  2. Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers : Basic article on the concepts.
  3. Cloud Hosting can solve the limitations with Shared and Dedicated Hosting


Articles on Cloud Computing Security


  1. Cloud Computing Security Issues
  2. Cloud Computing Privacy and how to protect Privacy
  3. Risks of Free Public Cloud you are using
  4. Free Cloud Services and CDN are Risk Factors for your WordPress Blog
  5. Cloud Computing Privacy : Are Service Providers Concerned about?


Note : This is not a complete list. We will take 2-3 months to complete the list. You are invited to cast opinion and suggestion for further naming / categorization for better usability.

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