Which CDN is Best for Serving Static Contents and Streaming

Which CDN is Best has one answer - Akamai. Akamai is the global standard and used by IBM to Microsoft. You have to find someone using their infrastructure. Our tutorials and guides on web page speed has been mentioned by various standard websites, that includes a blog post by Google, Other notes on quite popular WordPress plugin WP Total Cache (see Other Notes Tab on official repo). We neither … [Read more...]

How to Shoot Action and Sports with Digital Camera

How to Shoot Action and Sports with Digital Camera which is field quite difficult field to master and demands high-end equipment for high quality images. Photography equipments for sports photography unfortunately requires heavy and expensive to get a good result, especially when lighting conditions are poor. Most importantly, a high end computer (read Mac Pro or MacBook Pro) with Adobe Photoshop … [Read more...]

Worst Predictions for Technology and Computing : Example and Analysis

Worst Predictions for Technology and Computing out of the desperate try to branding own company or to show off that the brand is who creates the science. There are many examples of such Worst Predictions for Technology and Computing all over the web, here are some examples.  Worst Predictions for Technology and Computing : Why the Part of Analysis ?  We are giving some hilarious … [Read more...]

Dropbox Cloud Storage : Turning 360 Degree Towards Social Network

Dropbox Cloud Storage changing their strategies is nothing new news. With huge user base, Dropbox Cloud Storage is shifting slowly towards a different model. We previously wrote about the Dedicated Music Service by Dropbox Cloud. Last week a new feature for Dropbox Cloud Storage added the feature of online preview of the documents placed inside by the users.  Why The Gradual Turning Making … [Read more...]

Who Writes For ZDNet Like Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously

Who Writes For ZDNet Like News Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously and Must Not Give Any Importance Compared to Company and Established Single Authored Blogs. There are Few Millions of Websites, most are useless to read, mainly designed to make money either by inviting Ad Clicks or Selling Amazon Affiliate Products or usually in combination. It is important not to read everything that … [Read more...]

Security in Virtualization

Security in Virtualization is important now but few years ago none thought, how this would become a complex technology and will require approach to security. We published an article on Virtualization Software and Security ,Β Virtualization Software and Security in Virtualization has very close relationship to matain the secured chain from Physical layer to Software Layer.Security in … [Read more...]

Rackspace Cloud Server : Managed or Unmanaged To Choose?

Rackspace Cloud Server boldly comes in two flavors apart from Rackspace Cloud Sites. Which one will suit you - Managed or Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server ? The cost of managed is $100 / month extra, but there is also other charges for Managed Rackspace Cloud Server. To make your decision easier, as a long term user we are presenting you some idea to select from Managed or Unmanaged Rackspace … [Read more...]

Podcast and Podcasting

Podcast and Podcasting is broadcasting the media files either as audio or video over internet and combination of the words Pod of iPod and Casting of Broadcasting. Those who are new to our website, they are suggested to understand the architecture and way we publish the articles. You will find very closely related practical guides and lists of Applications which are either indirectly related to … [Read more...]