Teleprompter : Device That Makes News Reader and Pro Speech Natural

Teleprompter is a device that makes news reader and Pro Speech Natural by reflecting the text of the news, preloaded onto a computer in a transparent glass. Teleprompter is arranged in a way so that it sits just below the video camera so that the person performing (delivering speech or reading news) appears as if saying from memory or spontaneously. After knowing this Teleprompter mechanism, you … [Read more...]

Cables For Connecting Laptop To TV

Cables For Connecting Laptop To TV has various aspects to know. First is the purpose whether to watch TV on Laptop or output to TV and Second is the Cables. As the topic Cables For Connecting Laptop To TV has quite complex to the most basic users and historically we give warranty of cost saving yet easy and detailed explained technology behind, we will divide this article on Cables For Connecting … [Read more...]

Blue Brain Project and Whole Brain Simulation

Blue Brain Project has the intermediate goal to reach Whole Brain Simulation, if we can easily represent the gross function of Brain, many ways are open for us.This article on Blue Brain Project and Whole Brain Simulation is not allowed to be copied, where the author is not a doctor with proper practicing license, without my prior written permission are subjected to be prosecuted as per the … [Read more...]

Rich Snippets and Organization of Schemas : Detailed Article

Rich snippets and Organization of Schemas will be the most important factor determining factor in Google search in near future for your blog or business. It is quite obvious that, Larry Page like Harvard Scholar will love to see spam full web pages, copied news based blog on top 10 search result. Do Not Forget about Multi Agent System (MAS), it is unreachable to most copy paste website … [Read more...]

Google Consumer Surveys Review

Google Consumer Surveys Review openly discusses the plus and minus points as a paid industry's standard Survey and clearly shows the benefits for your business. As per our suggestion, if you have already started selling your first batch of snake oil or something good as your first business or already have a business that needs a bit marketing work, Google Consumer Surveys Review will definitely … [Read more...]

Transhumanism : Theory and Practice to Enhance Human Life

Transhumanism is much of a concept for intellectual movement that supports the use of new sciences and technologies to enhance the capabilities of human. Transhumanism not only targets to enhance normal mental and physical capabilities of a human or to correct the pathological condition of human being, such as pain, disease, aging or eventual death but also covers to enhance the new aspects which … [Read more...]

Body language and Artificial Intelligence

Body language has several types. Some are primitive, some lexicalized, learned and some displays psychological image. Artificial Intelligence can detect some. Some important topics of same interest group are Strong Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent agent in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Body language is itself a bigger branch and has many prominent books. But our specific field … [Read more...]

Analysis of Cloud Computing Company : Rackspace

Analysis of Cloud Computing Company is a continued topic and this is on the Worlds Largest Public Web Hosting Company The Rackspace Cloud. On our previous article of this series of Analysis of Cloud Computing Company, we analyzed SAP. Rackspace started their journey on 1998. It is not very old company, neither the founder Richard Yoo had relationship with pure technology, he was Pre-Med student in … [Read more...]

Installing OpenPanel on Rackspace Cloud Server

Installing OpenPanel on Rackspace Cloud Server is easy even to a starter if our detailed guide is followed. OpenPanel is a free cPanel like Control Panel. Previously like OpenPanel, we wrote about installing cPanel on Rackspace Cloud server. However, cPanel is not very stable on Rackspace Setup, Plesk is performs better (its obvious, Plesk is from Parallels). But both are premium, although Plesk … [Read more...]

What is Evergreen Content : Learn From a 12 years Old WebSite

What is Evergreen Content is probably less important to most webmasters today than what is the CPC. Definitely, earning is an important point, but when the target becomes to create a junk website with copied news content from CNN, BBC and others, it is just a web spam. is 12 years old website that still rocks with 50K+ daily pageviews. Christopher Heng, registered the domain in … [Read more...]