Who Writes For ZDNet Like Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously

Who Writes For ZDNet Like News Websites and Why You Should Read Cautiously and Must Not Give Any Importance Compared to Company and Established Single Authored Blogs. There are Few Millions of Websites, most are useless to read, mainly designed to make money either by inviting Ad Clicks or Selling Amazon Affiliate Products or usually in combination. It is important not to read everything that … [Read more...]

Security in Virtualization

Security in Virtualization is important now but few years ago none thought, how this would become a complex technology and will require approach to security. We published an article on Virtualization Software and Security ,Β Virtualization Software and Security in Virtualization has very close relationship to matain the secured chain from Physical layer to Software Layer.Security in … [Read more...]

Rackspace Cloud Server : Managed or Unmanaged To Choose?

Rackspace Cloud Server boldly comes in two flavors apart from Rackspace Cloud Sites. Which one will suit you - Managed or Unmanaged Rackspace Cloud Server ? The cost of managed is $100 / month extra, but there is also other charges for Managed Rackspace Cloud Server. To make your decision easier, as a long term user we are presenting you some idea to select from Managed or Unmanaged Rackspace … [Read more...]

Podcast and Podcasting

Podcast and Podcasting is broadcasting the media files either as audio or video over internet and combination of the words Pod of iPod and Casting of Broadcasting. Those who are new to our website, they are suggested to understand the architecture and way we publish the articles. You will find very closely related practical guides and lists of Applications which are either indirectly related to … [Read more...]

SAP HANA in the Cloud : An epoch-making Change

SAP HANA operates solely in memory HANA provides the ability to get information in real-time, a major advantage for many industries. Previously we wrote about SAP as part of Analysis of Cloud Computing Company.Β Often SAP is not that discussed like many other companies in the enterprise, there is never any particular relevant news but the Company as we pointed before works slowly and steadily with … [Read more...]

How to Understand the Reputation of SMTP Server to Send emails

How to Understand the Reputation of SMTP Server to Send emails, because the ability to receive an email or newsletters by users is dependent on the reputation. Previously we wrote about few things, which are quite important to know before dipping deeper inside the core of this article - How to Understand the Reputation of SMTP Server. If you already know these things, that is well and good, else … [Read more...]

Transfer Printed Digital Photo on Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone in Easy Steps

Transfer Printed Digital Photo on Wood, Metal, Glass, Stone in Easy Steps than you actually think of. This is basic way how replica of canvas art are created. You probably will recall that there was a kind of small stamps sold at stores many decades ago, the kids had to dip it in water and press it on their notebooks or any paper. Rubbing them transferred that stamps image to the notebook or … [Read more...]

Amazon Cloud Computing : Reasons Not To Use

Amazon Cloud Computing is the largest Cloud Computing platform in the world, however it is better to avoid any Amazon product as well as any Cloud Service. Amazon is known for weak privacy statements (historically CPSR dropped links to Amazon.com in 2000 on this ground), fully affiliate driven tracked web pages, no clear service level agreement, invasive patent taking. In this Article we will … [Read more...]